Free Kashmir placard: Not returning to legal profession, says Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: Following an open challenge to former chief minister Siddaramaiah by the Mysuru legal fraternity members, who asked him to take up the role of legal counsel to Nalini Balakumar, who was caught in eye of storm for holding ‘Free Kashmir’ placard during a protest in Mysuru, Siddaramaiah has said that he is not returning to legal profession.

It may be recalled that Nalini, a student of Journalism had held ‘Free Kashmir’ placard during a protest at Mysore University recently. Sedition charges were slammed against her and the Mysore Bar Association members refused to fight her case.

When Siddaramaiah came in support of Nalini, the Bar Association members had challenged Siddaramaiah to wear the black robe again and fight her case.

What sparked rumours of Siddaramaiah returning to the legal profession was the fact that he had applied to renew his membership in the Bar Council.

However, laying all speculations to rest, the former chief minister has clarified that he has no plans of returning to the legal profession.

“I am not fighting Nalini’s case. My license was cancelled a few years ago and I had only urged the council to renew it. I will support anybody, who takes up the case for Nalini,” said.

The license was cancelled as per the rules when he became the Chief Minister of the state. He said that he had asked for renewal as he is not a CM anymore.

“It was only a co-incident that I applied for the renewal at the same time when the Association asked me to fight Nalini’s case,” he said.

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