Forthcoming election is do or die situation – MP Pratap Simha


Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha said that the forthcoming election is do or die and urged the public to support Modi to continue as Prime Minister at least till 2029.

He was speaking on Modi government’s role in the development of Karnataka at the valedictory function of the national level one-day conclave ‘Transforming India’ in city on Sunday, January 20.

Simha further said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi always makes better planning for the future generation. Modi is the only PM who takes feedback from the MPs on the ground reality of the problems at the panchayat level. Today gram panchayat is breathing because of Modi due to the introduction of 14th finance commission, wherein Rs 25 lac is being directly funded to panchayats from the central government, as there is no way for irregularities.”


“Before 2014, the total length of the national highway in the country was 6,000 kilometers (km). Now it has reached up to 13,500 kms, which means that 7,500 km is added in just four years. Our state did not have many passport seva kendras. We had only 66 during 2014, now there are 340 passport seva kendras across the state. When BJP came to power, 527 projects were stalled as there were no financial allocations and the land acquisition was not done. However, after Modi came to power all 527 projects got a start and are under process,” added Simha.


“When people died during the land slide in Kodagu, Rs four lac was given from NDRF, Rs two lac from Prime Minister’s relief fund and only Rs one lac from SDRF. During the period of 2004-2009 NDRF has given Rs 907 crore, while SDRF has given Rs 492 crore to the state. During 2009-14, NDRF has given Rs 2,672 crore, while SDRF has given Rs 624 crore. Look at the difference in releasing the funds by state and central.” Simha informed.


“When UPA government was in power, farmers were seen protesting against the shortage of fertilizers but it changed after Modi came to power as there is no single instance, where the farmers came out to protest demanding fertilizers because the fertilizers are directly supplied to the farmers from the fertilizer companies and there is no scope for middlemen,” added Simha.


Continuing his speech, Pratap Simha said, “In 2014, the gas connection was given for 13 crore people. After 2014 till January 2019, 12 crore gas connections were done. In total, one crore 15 lac are the beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharath scheme. Before 2014, there were only 395 flights. Now under the regional connectivity scheme, additional flights were added. This is called transformation, which has taken place in Modi’s government.”


“There were frequent bomb attacks during UPA government but during Modi’s tenure there was not single attack on civilians. 2019 Lok Sabha election is do or die election for us because all the thieves, liars and corrupts like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mayawati, Mamatha Bannerjee and Rahul Gandhi have joined hands to destabilize Modi. Now it is up to the people to support whom they want. We should support Modi for his good works and want him to be PM at least till 2029,” said Pratap.


Concluding his speech, Pratap said, “MP Nalin Kumar Kateel has brought Rs 13,000 crore for the national highways in the district. Here the mentality is as such that instead of praising good things what he has given to Mangaluru, criticism comes for lone issue of Pumpwell. BJP announces the project, lays foundation stone, bring funds and does all the works in Mangaluru and at last Pumpwell issue rises up. We should see the good things being done before criticizing countable negative issues.”

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