FBI Adds Osama Bin Laden’s Son Hamza to its ‘seeking More Information List’

The FBI on Thursday added Hamza bin Laden, son of slain al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to its Seeking More Information List (SMIL). This comes after the US had announced a $1 million reward for information on Hamza bin Laden’s whereabouts.

The US designated Hamza bin Laden as a “global terrorist” in 2017.

In March, the State Department had said that it would offer a reward of $1 million for information on Hamza bin Laden.

Investigators believe that Hamza bin Laden is married to the daughter of al-Qaeda senior leader Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, aka Abu Muhammad al Masri, who has been indicted for his alleged involvement in August 7, 1998 bombings of the US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia had earlier revoked Hamza bin Laden’s citizenship.

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