Faulty structure in the Metro Pillar near the South End Circle


A pillar near the South End Circle Metro station has been structured to cause anxiety.

Recently there was a structural error in the near pillar near the Trinity Metro station. Anxiety was created and the traffic was stopped for a few days.

A small crack appears on the seating part of the pot bearing on the pillar. Civil engineer Professor Anantha Ramaswamy said the need to change the grinder and change the pot bearing. Anantha Ramaswamy has demanded that the BMRCL be investigated for the

cause of the crackdown . The Metro Green Line passes through the South End Circle Station near Basavanagudi. Metro service has begun from June 2017.

Commenting on this, BMRCL’s director, Ajay Seth, is not the crackdown on the pillar. Bearing pedestal is mounted in two layers. Due to the assemblage it looks like a crack. No need to worry. “We will investigate this and take appropriate action,” he said.

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