Farmers being cheated at cocoon market, says BJP

Mysuru: District BJP president H. Yoga Ramesh has alleged that the cocoon market at Ramanagaram has turned into a den of corruption ever since A. Manju took charge as the Sericulture Minister.

People with vested interests have been cheating the farmers at the market, Mr. Ramesh told presspersons here on Wednesday.

Silk growers are being treated badly in the market. They are not allowed to take cocoons into the market for sale unless they pay a bribe at all levels, he alleged. “The growers have no proper facility to stay put in the market yard. Though the market records a daily turnover of Rs. 1.5 crore, there is no facility to provide food for the farmers,” he added.

Further, Mr. Ramesh said that the farmers were being given payment through cheques. Many merchants paid cheques without putting money into their account, forcing the growers to wait for months to get cash. “The officials are in support of the merchants, who cheat the poor farmers … the officials, who get appointed in the market, claim such a position by paying a hefty bribe,” he alleged.

Regarding the allegations by a section of party leaders that senior leaders of the party are being neglected in the district, Mr. Ramesh said he has not neglected anybody in the party.

“Among the party workers, only 15% are new entrants. A party can gain in strength only if new people are allowed to join it,” he said.

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