Fake voter cards bust yet again at RR Nagar

A fake identity card that led to a legal dispute between the Congress and the BJP candidate in the last Lok Sabha elections in the Arunagarh assembly constituency has now hit the by-election…!? Some anonymous are calling voters and asking for a voter ID number.

Many complaints have been lodged with the District Election Officer, BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad. Strict action will be taken against those who illegally ask for information about the Voter ID Card on the phone Manjunath Prasad said this at a press conference held on Monday.

Asking for someone else’s voter ID is a punishable offense. Such complaints are coming from a lot of people in RR Nagar. People are asking for voter ID number information. He said action would be taken against them.

The number of voters in Rajarajeshwari constituency is 4,62,201. Photo and ID cards have been distributed to all voters in RR Nagar. If the identity card is lost, you can vote and show one of 11 different documents including passport, ration card, Aadhaar card and pass book All the preparations have been made for the by-election on November 3. Voting starts at 7am and ends at 6pm.

“Today is the last day for withdrawal of nomination papers,” he said. A total of 678 booths have been set up, including 381 field booths and 287 casual booths. The counting of votes will take place on January 10 at the Gnanakshi Vidya Niketana School. He said the control room was ready by preparing control unit ballots in the streamroom.

Officers’ move: Manjunath Prasad said officers have been transferred to one place in RR Nagar for many years. Manjunath Prasad said some people have been transferred because they have been informed about the officers in one place for five years.

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