EV charging facility must in apartment complexes and large buildings: DCM Ashwath Narayan

Promoting more and more use of electric vehicles in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka, the state government on Monday clarified that it is mandatory for all apartments and large buildings to have electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities in their premises.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Ashwath Narayan said that the government is taking enough steps to implement this in all apartments and large buildings.

Taking part in a virtual conclave ‘Sustainable Transport in Future’ organised by Harvard India, Dr Ashwath Narayan said, “Providing the electric vehicle is not enough but we need to provide easy charging options in all locations. In the coming days more and more battery-run vehicles will hit the market and motorists can drive those vehicles by hiring batteries. Soon, battery bunks close on the lines of petrol bunks will come up. This will not only bring down the prices of electric vehicles but also provide motorists with a wide range of choices.”

Subsidised Transport

Suggesting that switching over to electric vehicles is the only way to curb rising levels of air pollution, he clarified that the government has provided all subsidies to promote the use of electric vehicles.

“Discount on power tariff, Subsidies on electric vehicles and spare parts have been provided already. Karnataka has been a pioneering state on that front by bringing out an electric vehicle policy for the first time in the country,” Dr Ashwath Narayan explained.

Clarifying that there is no shortage of power in Karnataka, Narayan assured that electricity to EVs will be charged less than the commercial tariff now and in future also. Besides, he also declared support and all assistance to investors in the EV manufacturing and production sector.

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