Eshwara Khandre seeks apology from Eshwarappa on remarks over Muslims

Khandre alleged the ruling party wants to divide the society on communal lines by polarisation for political benefits. “They just want to polarize and divide the community and take advantage the New Delhi

Karnataka Congress President Eshwara Khandre on Monday demanded an apology from state minister K S Eshwarappa on his comment that only Muslims favouring Pakistan would not vote for the BJP.

“The people who live in this country are patriotic. To say that the people, especially from the minority community, who have voted for the BJP are patriotic and those did not vote for them are not patriotic and are in favour of Pakistan is totally unacceptable. It is against the democratic values of the country,” the Congress leader told ANI here.

situation because they do not want to serve the people and develop the nation,” he said.

Speaking at an event in Bengaluru earlier today, Karnataka Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister Eshwarappa said: “A patriot Muslim will vote for BJP and those who are pro Pakistan and traitors will hesitate to vote for BJP.”

The Karnataka Congress chief also suggested that the BJP should “introspect” its stand on “nationalism and patriotism”. “Will it help the country and the society?” he asked.

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