Elevated Corridor Extension to Chalukya Circle

The government has decided to build an elevated corridor along the route after the steel bridge project, which was intended to be built from Basaveshwara circle to python, was abandoned.

The first phase of the corridor has been paved with the Silk Board joining the Hebbal-Mekhri circle-Jayamahal. A new DPR is being prepared based on the suggestion that the corridor plan to widen the road from Mehri Circle to Basaveshwara Road is appropriate.

This move by the government is aimed at alleviating the traffic congestion on the Bellary road and hoping to free up the entire route of the airport from the inner city.

It is easy to get to the airport after the now-giant Esteem Mall. However, the traffic on the Bellary road along the Vidhanasudha-Rajabhavan has to be congested. The government argues that the new highway could provide relief as traffic congestion is on the rise and traffic is not regulated. KRDCL is entrusted with the task of constructing an elevated corridor to prevent over-lap of the project
The Department of Urban Development has instructed the BDA to build a new highway on the halfway point of the steel bridge. DCM Dr G Parameshwara is of the view that it is advisable for the same organization to take care of the projects so that they do not overlap. Senior officials have been advised to take this decision and take a clear decision.

Similarly, from the Baptist Hospital of Georgetown to Columbia Asia near Esteem Mall, 2 km. There is a proposal to build a long upper road. It is also suggested that this should be taken up by KRDCL instead of BDA. In addition, the need for a high-traffic road is convinced that a multi-traffic hub will be established at the junction of the busy road. A panel of experts has been appointed to consider all these suggestions and provide a clear solution. Sources said the report is expected to be submitted to the government by August.

It is challenging to build a steel or concrete type road from Mehri Circle to Basaveshwara Circle. The road from the Windsor Manor Hotel to Guttahalli is at the beginning of Kumara Grama road. There is also a railway bridge and huge buildings on both sides. If these buildings are not demolished, the crane and other machinery used for the work will be created. Pier above 12m. It is estimated that the traffic will be delayed due to the inability to fully control the traffic. A panel of experts has been requested to provide a clear solution.

Environmentalists and some organizations have criticized the corridor. There is a shout that the trees are cut down, mainly on the way. Discussions have been held at the authorities level to relocate large trees on Bellary Road to relocate the trees for the construction of the KIA 2nd Terminal.

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