Duniya Vijay’s first wife absconding, police book her for assault

Duniya Vijay seems to be embroiled in controversies with his personal life going haywire these days. Vijay’s first wife, Nagaratna, is on the run after police officials in Bengaluru booked for her assault of his second wife, Keerthi. The said incident is said to have happened at Duniya Vijay’s house in Bengaluru where he resides with his second wife Keerthi.

According to reports, police arrived at the residence of Nagaratna to arrest her and her daughter did not open the door. And in the meanwhile, Nagaratna is said to have managed to give police officials a slip from her residence and is currently absconding. The case was booked against her after Vijay approached police stating Nagaratna assaulted his second wife Keerthi with a slipper at his residence after an argument.

The argument between Nagaratna and Keerthi is said to be about the custody of daughter Monica who had recently filed a complaint with police stating she was being abused by Vijay and Keerthi. Police officials have confirmed to the media that they are on the lookout for Nagaratana and will soon arrest her.

Duniya Vijay was recently arrested by Bengaluru police after he assaulted a man by the name Panipuri Kitty. Vijay is currently out on bail along with three of his associates who were involved in the fight. Vijay has been amidst a lot of controversies lately and has been having encounters with the law. Couple of years ago, Vijay was arrested by police for failing to take precautions of two stunt men on the shooting spot of the film – Mastigudi – where the two stuntmen died after falling from a chopper into the water body during the shoot.

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