Dr Prashanth Menezes in Stanford University’s list of world’s top scientists


In the global survey conducted by Stanford University which listed Dr Pradeep Menezes of Puttur among the eminent scientists of the world, his younger brother, Dr Prashanth Menezes, was also named in the same list compiled by the university.

Dr Prashanth Menezes is currently serving as the group leader of inorganic materials in the chemistry department at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany. His research focuses on the design, development, and structural understanding of novel unconventional catalysts in heterogeneous catalysis, especially in the area of redox oxygen catalysis, electro catalytic water splitting as well as electrochemical redox reactions. Dr Prashanth has published around 100 high-impact original research articles (over 3,000 citations) and book chapters along with having three patents to his credit. He has also delivered talks in numerous conferences around the world and received several awards throughout his career.

Dr Prashanth was a distinguished speaker at the United Nations Initiatives for Sustainable Chemistry. Further, his innovation based on the non-noble concept for wastewater treatment was also highlighted at the German Research and Innovation Forum which is under development towards the funding of a start-up. Dr Prashanth obtained his PhD from the renowned Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany in solid-state and structural chemistry and then moved to the prestigious Technical University of Munich to conduct his post-doctoral research in the direction of inorganic chemistry with a focus on novel materials. He also conducted research on Lewis acid doped polyaniline at the reputed Indian Institute for Science, Bengaluru, before moving to Germany to pursue his doctoral studies. He is the alumnus of Mai de Deus Primary School, Puttur, St Philomena’s High School and College, Puttur and Mangalore University. He is the son of the late Fredrick and Cecelia Menezes from Kallimar, Puttur.

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