Do not expect ‘Shivaji Suratkal’ on OTT anytime soon: Team

With recent Kannada releases like Love Mocktail and Dia coming on streaming platforms, many viewers have been expecting Shivaji Surathkal to follow the same route. However, director Akash Srivatsa the film’s producers have decided not to bring it soonon Amazon Prime.

“There has been very strong thinking between the producers and me that once the corona virus threat subsidies, Shivaji Surathkal might have another theatrical run. Right now it is only on pause, and has not been stopped. Our film was running in 70 theatres when the city was locked down.

“Theatres owners want to resume the shows once they are allowed to reopen. Taking all these factors into consideration, we feel it’s too early to take Shivaji Surathkal to the OTT platform. Also, many people feel that they have had a good experience viewing it in theatre, and so we have decided to take the film on the streaming platform at a much later date,” said the director

Homebound, the director uses his time to script Shivaji sequel

Meanwhile, the director who is cooped up at home, is using this time to write the sequel. “This time, we are planning to bring in Shivaji Surathkal in three different time zones, and I am penning another complicated case that will be handled by the investigator, played by Ramesh Aravind.

“The first part was set in Ranagiri, and we are discussing about the next location. The time zones we are planning to explore are Shivaji as a person, his parents, where he met Janani, what made him turn into Sherlock Holmes, the secret behind his surname, what he was before handling his 101 cases and after that, his personal side… all these will make an interesting plot,” says Akash, adding,

“By now, people know the pattern of investigation in Shivaji, and so we have decided to add a surprise element in the sequel.”

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