Display accused names in DJ Halli riots: HC to government

The High Court on Wednesday issued a notice to the state government about displaying the names of people arrested over the Pulakeshinagar riots at the police control room.

Junaid Ahmed, a city-based lawyer, has filed a PIL petition seeking compliance with Section 41(C) of the CrPC. He submitted that section 41(C) mandates the display of names of the arrested persons and the police officers who carried out the arrests at the police control room. A division bench headed by Chief Justice AbhayShreeniwas Oka issued the notice.

The CrPC provision states: “The state government shall establish a police control room in every district and at the state level. The state shall cause to be displayed on the notice board kept outside the control rooms at every district the names and addresses of the persons arrested and the name and designation of the police officers who made the arrests.”

The provision also mandates that the control room at the police headquarters at the state level shall collect from time to time details of the persons arrested, the nature of the offence with which they are charged, and maintain a database for the information of the general public.

The petitioner submitted that he had visited the city police chief’s office on Infantry Road to check the details of the arrested people but didn’t find any such notice board.

The court ordered the government to file a memo/written objections reporting compliance with section 41(C) in relation to the offences registered over the August 11 violence. The memo should be filed on September 11, 2020.

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