Devegowda comes down hard Modi


Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sidelining party’s senior leader LK Advani. Mr. Deve Gowda campaigned extensively in the Sakleshpur constituency for his grandson Prajwal Revanna. He came down heavily on the BJP and on Mr. Modi during his speeches. “Modi came up in politics because of Advani’s support. But, after assuming the office of Prime Minister, he ignored his mentor. It shows his culture”, he remarked.

Mr. Deve Gowda said he had decided not to contest the election regarding his contest in Tumakuru. But Mahaghatabandhan’s leaders, a national-level alliance of political parties, put pressure on him to contest. “Leaders of Mahaghatabandhan wanted me to contest. They put pressure on me so that I could be in Parliament to take parties of the alliance together”, he said.

He would only campaign for two days in Tumakuru electoral district and travel across the state. “Deputy Chief Minister G.Parameshwara has taken the responsibility of the campaign in Tumakuru”, he said.

Mr. Gowda visited Kuniganahalli, Yeslur, Changadihalli, Vanaguru and other parts of the electoral district of Sakleshpur. MLA H.K.Kumaraswamy and others accompanied him in the campaign.

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