Deshpande writes letter to Modi, congratulates, asks him to focus on important issues

Karwar: Revenue Minister RV Deshpande congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the NDA’s landslide victory in the Lok Sabha polls and requested his focus on the important work that needs to be completed. He wrote the Prime Minister a letter in which he congratulated him on the win and also made some suggestions for the country’s future.

In a letter to the PM, Deshpande requested him to focus on improving the manufacturing sector so that the employment rate improves. He also stated that manufacturing industries like textiles, handicrafts and other such industries need to be given importance so that they generate more employment.

He also explained that India has the largest population of youth in the world, the government should take steps to increase their employability by including skill development and new technology in their curriculum to fulfill the requirement in the job market.

Speaking about the farming sector, he said that it constitutes 18 percent of the GDP of the nation and contributes 44 percent to the labor sector of India. Therefore, if the agriculture sector is modernized it will lead to the overall development of the economy, he explained.

He also lamented that every year, the farming community is disappointed by the governments who plan various projects for the farmers but fail in implementing the same. He also said that the farming sector needs to be made more profitable to prevent the more educated youth from turning away from the sector, thereby reducing on the cities and creating a balance between the urban and rural areas.

He also opined that GST should be re-worked and that new slabs should be introduced so that huge taxes can be collected.

Regarding the repeated occurrences of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, drought, etc., Deshpande suggested that the government think of permanent solutions like river diversion, connecting rivers, reforestation, forest protection, water conservation, soil conservation, etc. to avert such tragedies.

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