Dengue surge in the city, hospitals full

Dengue cases have soared in the city, with 2951 cases being detected in the city within a month.

4718 dengue cases have been detected so far across the state. 62% of these cases were detected in Bangalore. Dengue fever is on the rise, and hospitals are overflowing with patients. There is a situation where beds are not available for admission in hospitals. There is also a lack of platelet in hospitals.

At KC General Hospital in Malleswaram, more than 100 people are suffering from fever. Most of them have dengue symptoms. Patients with hemorrhage and shock syndrome are being treated in hospital. “There is no need to register for those who are dengue. When there was a lack of platelets, we made arrangements to take them to other hospitals and give them to someone else. We have taken steps to prevent the patients from getting any treatment, ”Dr. Banamurthy, a medical specialist at KC General Hospital, told the newspaper.

Dengue cases are increasing in BBMP hospitals including Victoria Hospital, Bowring and Jayanagar General. Three times more patients are receiving treatment at private hospitals in the city. Platelets are available at private hospitals, but there is a heavy burden on poor and moderate patients.

Dengue which is often seen in the rainy season in Bangalore, is more likely to contribute to the build-up of buildings under construction in Bangalore. Rain water is present on buildings and other objects, causing mosquitoes to hatch and cause dengue to spread. In addition, frequent pouring rain, water in ditches, terraces, etc., is producing mosquitoes. Doctors say that more emphasis should be placed on cleanliness.

Symptoms of the disease

The earliest symptoms are high fever, headache, runny nose, throat pain, vomiting, abdominal pain, arm, my-hand pain, and diarrhea. Bleeding appears in the intestine when it is still serious. It is therefore advisable to seek treatment as soon as the symptoms of the disease are detected.

Caution Measures

* Dengue has no appropriate drug. Thus caution is the only remedy.

* Get treatment without ignoring any kind of flu appearance.

* Beware of mosquito bites during the day.

* It is best to drink clean and boiled water.

* Secure the water storage tank and the lid of the tanks.

* Do not store too much water in containers and pots.

* Use mesh or mosquito repellent for window doors to prevent mosquitoes.

“Precautionary measures have been taken to prevent dengue and chikungunya in the BBMP range. Fogging and spraying of mosquitoes in all wards. Link and Asha activists are moving to their homes in areas where dengue cases have been found most. In addition, Mike is raising awareness in garbage auto tippers, ” – Do. Vijayendra, Chief Armed Officer, BBMP

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