Decorating with Summer Whites

Whatever your style, see how white can give your home a fresh, cool look that’s perfect for the season.

Paint It Perfect

Don’t be afraid to get out the paintbrush. Add different shades of white to provide more texture and a sense of age to a room. Even an old metal chandelier found new life thanks to white paint.





White Slate

Color tastes and trends change, and in a child’s room especially, it’s nice to have the luxury of a new look fairly often. Opt for an all-white scheme for bedding, walls, and furniture. Swap out the coverlet, pillows, or throw on the bed.




Classic Kitchen

Once a chopped-up jumble, this kitchen now unifies two spaces with white. Minimal wall shelving allows natural light from the many windows to flood the room. Ghost stools at the island keep the feeling light.




Set the Stage

When walls and furniture are all white, accessories take center stage. Have fun with accents and do away with the expected. A collection of compelling objects is so much more interesting as a dining room centerpiece than candlesticks, as this ensemble of colorful ceramics demonstrates. The light fixture gets to shine in a unique way, too. A store-bought chandelier goes glam with layers of old and new chandelier drops and old earrings in vivid color. The bright hues link to a rug made from recycled plastic.


Curtain Call

Frame an all-white room with doorway curtains that make the space look like a secret destination revealed.

The Right White

Springy greens in the fresh flowers and the muted sandy tones of timeworn accessories give this living area country charm. Slipcovers can be tossed into the laundry if spills threaten to ruin the pristine scene.

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