DCM heard people cry in rainforest areas

DCM Dr Parameshwar, Bangalore Urban Development Minister, said that the heavy rainfall, the tree-branching of the winds falling from the wind without the power connection, was in Vijaynagar, West Card Road and Malleswaram. When the visitor visited the Malleswara Market, which was flooded with water, traders were outraged by the authorities.
DCM initially instructed the West Coast Road to look at the three trees that were thrown out quickly. Then he visited the area near the Jain Temple in Vijayanagara. A total of 19 power pillars were broken down on Saturday as heavy rains hit the place. Five bikes on this side and one car were stuck to the trees. The power pillars fell to the ground, and the wires were spread everywhere. On the other hand, the BSK personnel removed the old wire and inserted a new wire, while the BBMP staff cut off branches and filled the lorries.
DCM Parameshwar, who observed the operation, said, “Very carefully the power supply should be made to power the houses immediately. The BBMP staff will soon be able to clear the trees and allow traffic to the vehicles, “he said.
Nitish Jain, a resident of a three-wheeler and a car, said, “We are sitting on the road by Saturday night. The insurance company has insured that the insurer will come and review it. You can not sit inside without power at home, ” he said.
The merchants fired when visiting the Malleswarar Market, which was filled with rainwater. “The work of evacuating rain water should be done faster. If we tell the authorities that there is no toilet, we are oppressing ourselves. When you arrive, the authorities are silent, “traders said in the DCM’s outrage.
The residents complained that the call was not accepting the call, although the call was called ‘Beskam’ to ask for an immediate removal of electrical wires. When asked about DCM Parameshwar, “There are 19 power pillars in Vijayanagara alone and the burden of work is high. However, BSK and BBMP staff are constantly working. The task of changing the power wire should be done very carefully. We can not do so in this regard, “he said.
Asked if you call and check, ” I call and test. There are 50 contacts in the ‘1912’ help. There are still 25 connections. This will benefit most people. There are a total of 61 teams working in Vijayanagara. A month ago, it was suggested that the monsoon be prepared. It’s not flooded because of the preparedness,
Mayor Gangambika Mallikarjun, MLA M Krishnappa were present during the review.

If Bescam is to remove the electric wire from the road, the first branch should be removed by the BBMP. BBMP says if Bessam’s job is to be completed first. The locals of Vijayanagara expressed outrage that there was no compromise between officials of both organizations.

“Buildings have been constructed close to the power grid in some cases. This is due to an increase in electricity, “said Dr Parameshwar.
“About Rs. The project is being implemented at the cost of a power cable. The work will begin in two months and the cable will be completed in 11 segments in six months. Then the cable will be installed in the entire city, “DCM Dr G Parameshwar said.

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