Dasara Elephant Gajendra injured


Famous Dasara Elephant Gajendra was badly injured in a fight with another wild Tusker in the K Gudi range of BRT Wildlife Sanctuary in the District.

The incident took place  two days back and the Forest Department came to know about it on Saturday. A team of Veterinarians led by Dr Nagaraj rushed to K Gudi camp and treated the elephant.

“Gajendra was badly mauled in the fight that left him with wounds on his legs, one of which includes a six-inch-deep gnash,” said Dr Nagaraj.

The elephant had lost a lot of blood and nearly 20 bottles of fluids and glucose were administered, besides painkillers and antibiotics, said the Veterinarian. Though Gajendra’s condition was stable on Saturday evening, he was not out of danger and veterinarians are attending to him at the camp.

Incidentally, Gajendra who is in his 60s, is a veteran of Mysuru Dasara, having participated in about 20 times. He had attacked and killed his mahout in 2015.

The elephant had also gored to death another Dasara elephant Srirama, in a deadly fight in the jungles after which he was dropped from the list of elephants that participate in Mysuru Dasara. Gajendra also participated in the private Dasara of the Wadiyars and used to be assigned the role of ‘Pattada Aane’, or the royal elephant.

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