Darshan raise voice against Hindi imposition

When Hindi Diwas was celebrated in many parts of the country on September 14, it got several people, especially from the southern belt to speak up against the sustained effort from the north to impose Hindi as a national language everywhere.

Challenging Star Darshan has often spoken about Kannada pride and raising his voice against Hindi imposition, on Tuesday he took to social media to tell people that it is time such acts were protested against. “For many years, we have been hearing about the need to use Hindi, In fact, in the border areas of Karnataka, the influence of other languages has already become a threat to Kannada. If we continue to keep quiet and do not protest this, the day will not be far off when Kannada itself will cease to exist. Kannada is the national language of Kannadigas and Hindi Diwas is not something that we should celebrate with taxpayers’ money. The celebrations are best limited to states in north India. Instead of focusing on language, we should look at unity in diversity, which is part and parcel of our constitution. It is wrong to take away our culture, language and glory of the land by imposing something else on us. We will fight for the cause of Kannada till our last breath,” he wrote in an emotional post in Kannada.

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