Darshan brings smile on little fan battling for life

Filmstars have busy schedules and all the times they take out time to be with their fans, it is bound to hit headlines.

Challenging Star Darshan met a young fan who is battling serious health complication and became a reason for a smile on the fan’s face.

Die-hard fan of Darshan, Ratan, who is suffering renal issues, had expressed a wish to meet his favourite ‘hero’. When Darshan came to know about the wish, he met his little fan’ without fail.

Sharing the moments of Ratan-Darshan meet, Darshan fan page on Twitter ‘DBOSS Self made’ has posted the images with a caption, “#DBoss fulfilled the dream of a little Boy who is suffering from kidney failure meeting him #EmperorofSWDBossBdyonFeb16th@dasadarshan.”

It is learned that Ratan’s father runs an auto rickshaw. He had posted a photo of Darshan on his auto just because that would make his son happy. Ratan is said to have never missed watching even a single movie of Darshan.

It can be recalled that earlier, Darshan had met a boy, who too was suffering from a life-threatening ailment. The boy unfortunately died just a few days after they met. This had left the star in tears.

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