Create a team to clean Mysuru outer ring roads


Minister for Cooperation and Mysuru District Superintendent ST Somashekhar has suggested the formation of a team to clean up the Mysuru Outer Ring Road for the Clean Surveillance Program of 2021.

Speaking at a meeting held at the Government House on the Mysuru Ring Road Waste and Dabriz, Minister said, we should all take care of cleanliness. He instructed the formation of a team consisting of Public Works, RD PR, State Highways Department, KR IDL, Mysuru Urban Development Authority, Mysuru Metropolitan Administrator, Superintendent Engineer and Project Director.

On the outer ring road of Mysuru, 9 km from Columbia Asia Circle to Hinakal Road. Responsibility of the Department of Public Works Department for Long Cleanup Management.

7.30 km from Hinakal Circle to Dattatakkali Aditya Circle on the outskirts of Mysuru. The RDPR department is responsible for long-term cleaning management. The State Highway Department is responsible for clearing the entire extent of the outer road road from the Bundipalaya circle on the outskirts of Mysuru city. 9.33 kms from Narasipura to Bannerur road. The responsibility of maintaining the cleanup is to the Mysuru Division and KRIDL respectively on the outskirts of Mysuru city. The Narasipura Bannur Road is 7.50 km from the joining circle to the Columbia Circle Mysuru Urban Development Authority Maintaining the inner city road of Mysuru and the main roads leading to the city of Mysuru.

There were discussions about the extent of responsibility for each department. Finally, after another round of negotiations, the minister said there would be additional responsibilities or some changes to the existing list. Send a warning message through the media Minister Somasekhar said the public should be warned in the media about the fact that Mysuru’s Ring Road is a fine and a jail term for garbage and garbage disposal. A public meeting should be held and the authorities should be summoned to discuss all possible measures. Wherever the meat and poultry waste pourers are identified, they must be kept on track. They should be warned if they do not dispose of trash in the right area. Also, attention should be paid to retribution. It was decided at the meeting that a meeting should be held in this regard.

In addition, teams working on cleanliness were given the responsibility of cleaning the median on the outer road, cleaning the outer road, service road and the debris stored on the sidewalk. Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri, MLAs GT Deve Gowda, L Nagendra, Tanveer Seth, Muda President HV Rajeev, Police Commissioner Chandragupta, District Police Superintendent Rishyant, Muda Commissioner Nadeesh, Metropolitan Police Commissioner and others.

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