Cow bitten by a snake; Paradigm for treatment

An incident that took place near Basaveshwara Kalyana Mandapam in the town of Prashanthnagar in the town of Prashanthnagar, where a snake-bite cow was not vaccinated for life.

A cow belonging to Lokesh was found eating grass that had grown up in an empty house in the quiet city of noon on Sunday afternoon. When he asked for a snake bite vaccine for a cow at a government public hospital near a local hospital, Takshina said he had no staff. When not available at all the private pharmacies in the town, Kasumalica Akash Hospital of Kangala has brought three injections and treated the cow and saved the cow.

Ironically, in the Devanahalli, the center of the taluk, snake bites are not available in hospitals. Local businessman Venkatesh has demanded that the concerned authorities should take care of the medicines needed for animal rescue in case of an emergency.

Drug Confusion:Asking a public hospital for snakebite medicine for animals is said to be available in a veterinarian. If we ask a veterinary surgeon, we are not supplying such drugs. Local citizens Lakshminarayan and N. Venkatesh have expressed outrage that the clash has caused untreated cattle. In some private places the undergrowth has grown, and left it unattended. The public says such incidents do not occur if the concerned locals clean up the vacant premises.

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