Coriander price on the Rise

10-20 seeds of the most essential planting coriander plant in the kitchen. The price went up every day at Rs 80 per episode. Has reached. Consumers are burdened by the rising cost of coriander leaves and the affordability.

Due to the recent drought and the recent hail rains, large quantities of coriander leaves are not available in the market.

If rainfall is a problem for farmers, borewells at 1200-1500 feet on the other side will get water. The water in the existing borewells is running dry. Nowadays, the prices of vegetables and greens have been rising.

What caused the rate hike ?:Large quantities of coriander seeds are supplied to the market from Hoskote, Devanahalli, Anekal, Chikkaballapur and others. However, pipeline wells have been drained by lack of monsoon rains in these areas. Coriander is not supplying well to demand, which is why the price of coriander has increased.

Crop Destruction at Seedling: Coriander crops are cultivated in a small area of ​​50-60 acres in Hoskote Taluk. Despite the low number of acreage growers and sowing, the crop was completely blown away by hail and rain last month. The crops in the seedlings are destroyed due to shortage of water in the tube wells without rain.

Some traders are bringing lentils from Belgaum as there is not much greenery around Bangalore. Not only the price of coriander leaves, but also the prices of all kinds of greens such as dal, fenugreek, dill and palak. In the calculation of the package, the soap is now sold in kg. 200-250 per kg. But traders to farmers are 150-200 on Kg. Only giving. Farmers say more profits are going to traders.

The loan to farmers to benefit no matter how the weather is going to get raised as the crop is difficult. There is no proper support price for farmers’ crops. Traders come to the gardens only to buy coriander leaves when there is a price. It would be beneficial if the government would support farmers with all crops – Kenchegauda, Bengaluru District President, Karnataka State Farmers Association and Green Army.

Coriander leaves no taste in the kitchen at all. Despite the price, there is a necessity to buy coriander leaves. Look at the rate and sometimes buy even if you do not mind – Renukkamma, housewife.

Farmers will be able to grow more economically if they grow a mixed crop instead of growing a single crop. There is a high rate of coriander. Farmers will get 90 per cent subsidy for general category and 100 per cent subsidy for SC / ST for adoption of drip irrigation and spray irrigation. Farmers should utilize the facilities available from the Horticulture Department – KV Nagaraj, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Hoskote.

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