Compulsory to provide information on new maulvi

The complete information of the new arrivals of Moulvi should be brought to the respective police stations and entered to any mosque in the Valiyallapur area. DYSP Mohankumar said the city should take care not to repeat the incident.

He was speaking at a meeting of Muslim community leaders at the city’s CPI office on Thursday evening. Every mosque leader has to be careful not to let this happen. This requires the cooperation of everyone. A new arrival to the city, Mulvi’s Aadhaar information, including his background and his mobile number, should be submitted to the local police station immediately upon arrival. He added that it was compulsory for the police to pass on information about persons from other areas of the mosque.

Be cautious when offering a house for rent: Some Muslim leaders who attended the meeting said that any person looking to find new rental houses in any part of the city should be given a proper inspection. What is the background of the person who came to the rental house, advised to get all the registrations and then proceed to the next level.

The Muslim community made a decision that would attract the attention of everyone at the meeting. So far, the Moulviz who were assigned to mosques of any region, including Valiyapallapur, usually spoke their original language, including Urdu. Though he came to Valiyaballapurakku, he did not learn Kannada. The decision was taken to teach Kannada to every maulvi who arrived in Inmunde Valiyallallapur. The meeting was attended by Muslim community leaders including CPI Siddaraju, PSI Venkatesh.

There is no anti-nationalism proposal in any of the Muslim madrasas. Only limited to prayer. The Maulvis who work here do the work of teaching the prayers of the Muslim community. However, the arrest of a suspected militant in present-day Ballalapuram is being transmitted to society. Maulvi Anwar in the mosque in Chikpet has nothing to do with the furious Habibul Rehman. Some years ago when speaking Namaz spoke the background of the introduction. Unaware of this fact, it is painful for any person to spread the wrong message about Moulvi. In fact, the Muslim leader Basheer made it clear that the suspect was arrested near the Satkar Hotel on Market Road.

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