Coconut Water: Can Drinking Too Much Be Dangerous?

Mother Nature has her own way of caring and sustaining life. Coconut water is one such example. Often known as Mother Nature’s sports drink, this clear liquid is found in tender coconut fruit. This liquid is largely known for its potassium, sodium and calorie content. It is a refreshing drink and surely it is a better option than most other commercial beverages and drinks. But, to most people’s surprise, coconut water has disadvantages too. This article intends to make you aware of those disadvantages.

  1. Not Ideal for Athletes:

Coconut water is often called Mother Nature’s sports drink. Many people recommend it to athletes. However, people don’t realize that coconut water is a natural drink; hence, it may vary in its potency. It can only temporarily hydrate athletes, but cannot substitute other power sports drinks that are needed for a steady performance and quick energy boost. It is low in carbohydrates and rich in potassium. The athletes do not quite require this combination for sure.

  1. Increases Blood Sugar:

Coconut water may not fall under sugary drinks but still it does contain carbohydrates and calories. People with blood sugar should give it a miss in between and not drink it every day. It is preferably not the best option as a daily drink.

  1. Does Not Help Lose Weight:

Coconut water, unlike what most people believe, does not help lose weight. In fact, it comes packed with calories. It contains magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin C. But these nutrients are found in minuscule quantities in coconut water. You might want to sip on plain water for shedding some extra kilos. It also doesn’t help fight cancer either.

  1. Not Good for People with Frigid Body:

Coconut water surely cools one’s body. But again, it may not suit people who are chilly in nature otherwise. People prone to cold and chill environment should give it a miss because coconut water is cool and it may further make them cooler. This in turn may make them suffer from cold more often and add to their discomfort. This is one of the major side effects of coconut water.

  1. May Increase Blood Pressure:

Coconut water is high on sodium. Most people drink it without even realizing that it contains sodium. In fact, it contains more sodium than what most people suffering from high blood pressure or heart diseases should ideally consume. Many medical conditions prescribe low-sodium diet. Coconut water surpasses such sodium allowances. Hence, it is not advisable for people with similar medical conditions and low-sodium-diet-prescribed-patients to consume coconut water.

  1. Not Good for Allergy-Prone People:

Coconut water is actually a tree nut. Many people are often found complaining about allergic reactions by drinking it. This again is true for people who are allergic to tree nuts. So it is not ideal for such people.

  1. Should Be Consumed Right after Cutting it Open:

Coconut water is to be consumed fresh. It should ideally be consumed right after cutting it open. If it is left open for some time, it loses all its beneficial nutrients. If it loses its nutrients, it is no longer considered a healthy drink.

So the above mentioned are some of the disadvantages of coconut water. Although coconut water is really great for skin and your over-all health, it must be consumed in moderation. It should be consumed only after considering the above-mentioned disadvantages. To find out the right amount of coconut water permissible as per your health, it is best advised to consult your nearest physician.

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