Coastal fishermen demand ban over use of lights during fishing


Dakshina Kannada gillnet fishermen association has requested the authorities to ban the use of lights for fishing. In addition, the association has also asked for the ban on bull trawl fishing.


An appeal in this regard was submitted to the deputy director of fishing department of the city by the association. The appeal says, “The breed of fishes gets depleted due to the use of high voltage lights during fishing by the purse seine fishermen. Small as well as big fishes that are spread over an area of one km get attracted to the light and the whole catch of fish is gathered by the purse seine fishermen. Lacs of fishermen doing the traditional fishing using gill net, country boat and trawl boats are deprived of their share of fish and running under huge losses. In addition, Bull Trawl fishing also destroys the breed of fishes, which is forcing the traditional fishermen to stop earning their livelihood,”


“The central government, which conducted a survey on this issue, has passed an order in 2016, banning ‘Light Fishing’ and ‘Bull Trawling’. In addition, the fisheries department has taken affidavit in this regard from the owners of Purse Seine and Bull Trawl boats during renewal of the subsidized diesel pass book. However, now the owners of Purse Seine boats are resorting to fishing by using the lights, saying unofficially, that they have got an order for the same from the Karnataka High Court. The director of fisheries of Bengaluru has sent an order on Jan 24, 2019 and has passed an order not to conduct fishing by using the lights as well as Bull Trawls. However, the Purse Seine boat fishermen are making preparations to do ‘Light Fishing’ forcefully,”


“Due to this unlawful act of Purse Seine fishermen, there is a possibility of clashes while the fish is being unloaded in the fishing port in the city. If the government gives permission for fishing using lights, poor fishermen like us have to close down our traditional occupation of fishing. Till date we have done the profession of fishing in a secular manner regardless of caste, creed or religion and so far there is no history of clashes in the fishing port in the city,”


“So we request you to kindly ban ‘Light Fishing’ and prevent occurrence of any untoward incident in the fishing port and also give an opportunity for the poor fishermen to earn their livelihood.”

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