Clean Beauty Revolution!

Gone are the times when mindless and unconscious purchase decisions were taken. As far as our memory goes, humans can point out countless activities that have caused harm to their and the planet’s health. Everything that urges and ensures the betterment of the planet and upcycling of the human lifestyle is marked as a revolution and one such revolution that is bringing about major changes is the concept of Clean Beauty.

Consumers have been restlessly shopping for cosmetics and beauty products without paying attention to the ingredients, and regardless of what could their long-term usage lead to. It has become important for everyone to learn that the everyday essentials that they pick up without giving a conscious thought are loaded with toxins and harmful chemicals that are potential of causing mild to severe skin and health ailments; and some even life-threatening.

Now, as a certified and reliable institutes study the repercussions of the ingredients, society is left with no power but only the option to change for good. Though late, the change is here! The term ‘clean beauty’ is doing rounds as its the trigger and change that people must abide by. Clean beauty is a concept of using products that are made with only safe and non-toxic ingredients.

It’s time we stop lathering our skin with harmful chemicals and switch to safer and equally effective alternatives. Here are some harmful inclusions that everyone must avoid:

Lead- Used as a pigment in the lipsticks and to enhance its color texture. Regular use of lipsticks containing lead can cause discoloration of lips, making them look darker and dry.

Aluminum – Used as a pigment and thickener, which when absorbed in the bloodstream causes hormonal disruptions due to its ability to mimic estrogen. Aluminum is found in almost all personal care products, especially in lipsticks and deodorants.

Parabens (Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl) – Used as a preservative in almost all skincare and beauty products, this ingredient has been linked with cancer.

Triclosan – It works as an antibacterial agent that prevents fungus and bacterial growth in skin care products like shampoos. This ingredient may disrupt thyroid function & can degrade into dioxin form which when absorbed into the body can cause cancer of various kinds.

Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic perfumes/fragrances are not a safe ingredient to be used and it is evidently present in most personal care products.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) & its derivates – Used to form foam, bubbles, and lather. SLS is found in around 95% of personal care products such as shampoo, body wash, face cleansers et cetera.

Siloxanes – Ingredients ending with methicone, siloxane, et cetera not only clog your pores and cause severe acne but are also potential reproductive disruptors. Not only to humans, but this ingredient is also harmful to wildlife.

These ingredients are just a drop in the ocean and the only way to stay safe is by learning and choosing wisely. It has become vital to raise questions and be attentive. Generating and gaining knowledge about clean ingredients and products is the only path that can help one achieve optimum wellness.

Clean beauty products are not just safe and equally effective but they also deliver long-lasting results and do not make the human body dependent, unlike the chemical counterparts. These products are made with gentle and result-driven ingredients that solve the majority of skin and hair problems. Rising to the need of the hour, the young minds of today have come up with personal care, skincare, and beauty brands that revolve around the mantra of clean beauty. These brands offer a multitude of safe products to ensure that all the health, wellness, and mindful goals are met while we, as a society, restore the practice of sustainable living.

The buyer today is well-versed and active enough to hunt down new, budding and established clean brands but it is always easier to have a one-stop destination that caters to all such exclusive needs. Vanity Wagon is just that platform. It is a clean beauty marketplace that offers amazing formulas from 40+ upmarket brands. From top to newly-launched formulas, they’ve got it all. With clean, organic, natural and vegan options, they spoil the buyer for choice without having them make any compromise on their health. So, switch to clean, organic, natural & vegan products as it is the smartest move to make in 2020.



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