Citywide operation to prevent crime

Recently, a raid on the house of accused in the city has been launched for the detection of those involved in various acts, including the rise of gangsters in the city.

The new police commissioner Alokkumar, in a meeting of senior officials two days ago, said that eight DCP units under the jurisdiction of additional commissioners Murugan and Umesh had raided the homes of over 500 accused in a parade at the respective premises.

The raids were carried out in the southern, western, central, eastern, northern, southeast, northeast and whitefield DCP divisions from 3am to 6am. The attack on the homes of more than 500 shattered accused in the 40 stations. More than 300 accused were in their homes and facing police inquiries. The parade is instructed not to associate with robbers, extortion and bandits and to commit such acts. Preliminary Review of Accusations Information on how many cases have been filed against them, how many pending and how many warrants are out of court. Also, what are they doing? Full family information, including mobile number, was recorded.

Contact with inmate:

Meanwhile, a separate list of accused who are in constant contact with inmates in the jail has been prepared. In the recent past, there have been reports of various acts of corruption, including burglary, on the CC camera, and investigations are being made to determine if the deceased participated in the parade. Officials have reported that some of the accused have also written a closing letter stating that they are not involved in criminal acts.

Nakabandiyalli vehicle inspection

Nakabandi is conducting vehicle inspection in major places in the city to detect bikers and night robbers. Barricades are being inspected at every station, with barricades at major intersections, highway and ring roads. The suspects are being detained and interrogated.

We have been operating in our jurisdiction for the past three days. So far, 255 houses have been raided and 125 people have been arrested.

– N Sasikumar, DCP, Northern Division

We have been carrying out special operations to keep a close watch on the accused. The public has been warned not to take legal action against disturbing the peace. A parade was held on Thursday, with 13 people arrested for allegedly going to the houses of 29 accused in order to attend court proceedings.

-Anuchet, DCP, Whitefield Division

In what category?

29 houses in Whitefield, 13 in custody

* 52 in central section, 31 in custody

* 255 in northern section, 125 in detention

* 113 in southeastern section, 40 in interrogation

* 110 houses in northeast division the attack, 51 people were parade

* the attack on the eastern section of the 108 homes, 80 people were interrogated

* in the southern section of the 120 attacks on the homes, the 75 accused in the trial

of North section Gadalli more than 200 homes in the attack, the accused in the trial of more than 110

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