City police arrest 14 criminals of the west division


The crime rates in Bengaluru are increasing by the day. Thefts like pick pocketing, chain snatching and house break-ins have become a common occurrence, but Bengaluru police have traced down a number of criminals of the West division.  They recently closed 34 cases, involving 14 criminals and a total sum of around 65 lakhs.

A group of three robbers namely Japan Raja, David Bin Francis andGopi were arrested by thethe K P Agrahara police ongrounds of house break-ins in Mariyappanapalya. They targeted houses that were locked during the day by breaking locks with a help of an iron rod. The police have confiscated about 35 lakhs worth cash, more than a kilogram of gold and one two wheeler from the robberies.The KP Agrahara police closed another case involving burglars who stole cash and gold from their own place of work. The convicts have been identified as Sridhar and Sendhil Kumar. The police have seized about 7,20,000 cash, 17 kilograms of gold, and other valuables from these thefts.

The Upparpet police have arrested Chand Bhasha and Syed Akram for their thefts in BMTC buses and bus stands. Around 15 lakhs cash, 503 grams of gold and 100 grams of silver have been detained from these robberies. The police have also taken into custody Vishvanath, Jabiullah, Srinivas and Kumar for house break-ins and have seized 1,82,000 worth cash from the same. Another group of burglars comprising of Harish, Raghavendra, Aslampasha have been booked for their local thefts and 1,83,000 cash have been retrieved from them.

City police commissioner Sunil Kumar T awarded the West division’s DCP RavI D Channannavar and his team with a cash reward of 1 lakh rupees for their commendable work.

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