ChurchStreet was a favorite spot for the photoshoot

Churchstreet, a gorgeous church with cobblestones, has now become a photographer.
The city’s Church Street Pub is known for its restaurants and fun-filled shopping areas. This is a tailor-made space for photoshoot after it was developed into a tendershure road. Here are young men and women taking photographs of the cobblestones and coming to a clean and attractive road without falling into the trash. Couples coming to hang out over the weekend are standing on the road and taking photos.

Every day, young men and women can take photos and take selfies from their smartphones. Others are taking a DSLR camera and taking pictures. Professional and amateur photographers make it the site of a photoshoot. Blossoms, Indian Coffee House and Metro Station are the backdrop for the pictures.

Photographer Siddharth Gupta said, “For the last one year, I’ve been shooting and photographing a man on Church Street. The environment behind the image and video is important. The film and video are getting good background on this road, ” he shared.

“Church Street is an attractive place in the city. The street, the lounge, the caf, and the restaurant attract young people. This is an ideal location for shooting in the outer courtyard. Young, young women can take pictures of a good man while walking down this street. The creativity of the photographer is important here, ”said photographer L. Daniel.

“Jixon Francis, a fashion photographer from Coimbatore, visits Church Street at least three times a month. I will be photographing customers at the intersection of Brigade Road and Church Street, ”he said.

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