Chinese company producing Trump’s flags for re-election campaign


Despite the looming trade war between China and the US, flags for US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign are under production in China as told by Li Jiang, a Chinese flag manufacturer.

According to an interview on a National Public Radio (NPR) show, ‘The Indicator’, Li owns a flag-making factory that started its business after China became a part of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The products for both Hilary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s 2016 campaigns were made by the factory. Jiang said that they were currently making flags for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

He emphasised that the situation was completely normal as that is how trade works. “We buy stuff from America, and America is buying stuff from China. For example, my car is from America.”

“We buy stuff from America, and America is buying stuff from China. My car is from America”

According to a report by CNN Politics, the US and China are expected on Friday to come face-to-face with tariffs on USD 34 billion of each other’s exports. The US is targeting more than 800 items including industrial machinery, medical devices and auto parts and China will be reciprocating by targeting 545 American products.

As per latest updates, the US has planned to go ahead with additional tariffs worth USD 16 billion on Chinese imports coming summer.

Li further added that he and workers at his factory are ‘not so worried’ because they have a price advantage over competitors. If prices are cheap in China, his clients go to China, if they are cheap in America, his clients will go to America.

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