Chinchansur denies link to woman who committed suicide


Former minister and BJP MLA, Baburao Chinchansur, has denied any link with a woman who had accused him of not repaying a loan of Rs 11.8 crore borrowed by him from her before ending her life.

“I do not know who Anjana is,” he said, about the woman who filed case in police station accusing Chinchansur of refusing to pay back the money he had borrowed from her in the past. Four days after filing the case, she had committed suicide recently.

She had hanged herself at her residence on October 31. Reportedly, she had filed court case for recovery of the loan, but was frustrated with her frequent trips to the court.

Chinchansur claimed that people jealous of his political rise have spread this rumour. “I have not borrowed any money from her. Someone has got her statement as part of political conspiracy against me. Her mother issued a statement under someone’s pressure. Anjana stole my cheque, filled it herself, and later charged me that my cheque had bounced. This case is in court and judgement is expected shortly. I am confident that it will be in my favour,” he said.

Baburao Chinchansur asserted that false allegations cannot prove him guilty.

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