China bans export for military use to North Korea

Beijing:China has banned the export of materials and technologies that could be used to build military equipment to North Korea, ranging from components to develop nuclear missiles, to video cameras and sensors, the media reported on Thursday.

The Chinese Commerce Ministry, in conjunction with other government agencies, released a list late on Wednesday, detailing the goods and technologies Chinese companies cannot sell to North Korea, Efe news reported.

The ministry explained that the publication of this list aligns with the UN`s latest sanctions against the Pyongyang regime in response to its nuclear tests.

Local analysts interpreted this move as China`s attempt to prove that it was complying with UN resolutions following criticism from US President Donald Trump and his candidate for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The list covers products that can be used for civilian purposes but also have military use.

The inventory includes submarines, materials and equipment for developing nuclear missiles and chemical weapons, rocket-related or drone-related software, high-speed video cameras, sensors, telecommunications devices and lasers.

The ban on Chinese exports could damage the North Korean defence industry, which depends on foreign countries for development.


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