Child rights violation, Report to the venue: Rudresh


In the case of child rights violations in the district, the district authorities have visited the site and inspected the actual situation, the Chief Collector Rudresh said.
Some self-help organizations and trusts, such as child custody (CCI), must visit all destitute children’s cottages in the district, district-run boys ‘quarters, district girls’ rehabilitation centers, child labor rehabilitation centers and adoption centers. The Deputy Collector, District Child Protection Officer, Shambulinga Hiremath, has been strictly directed to check the actual status of cases of child rights violations and report the visit to the sheriff’s office.

The Chairman of the Preparatory Meeting held on Saturday in the auditorium of the District Secretariat on behalf of the Public Rights Meeting organized by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights at the national level.
Complaints regarding child rights violations in the district should be taken very seriously. Officer Hiremath instructed the concerned authorities to take up the status of the child custody agencies and to ensure that the child care agencies run by the trustees are in proper compliance with the rules.
Such institutions have already been visited. District Child Protection Officer Shambhulinga Hiremath said that some cases of child rights violations will be submitted to the department concerned.

At the meeting, there was discussion about the number of cases of boys and girls missing every year from the government-run district boys ‘quarters, district girls’ quarters.

There is no proper arrangement for children in girls ‘and boys’ clubs. Kavitha Hushare of the Child Welfare Committee, Dhanawanthi Sharma, a member of the Child Justice Board, complained that there were no rules.

The boys’ building is under construction as they are under construction. It is known that some children sneak through the window. Officer Hiremath responded by saying that we will take care of this.

The meeting was attended by various taluk child development planners, field teachers, members of the child welfare committee, members of the child justice board, child helpline directors and officials from various departments. Child Protection Officer Gourishankar Paratapure welcomed.

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