‘Centre, State have failed to contain virus spread’: Jarkiholi

The Union and the State governments have completely failed in containing the spread of COVID-19, KPCC working president Satish Jarkiholi said here on Saturday.

The Centre needlessly centralised the COVID-19 management. It also issued several hundreds of orders, some of which are contradictory to each other, he said.

“Neither the Ministers at the Centre nor at the State have any clarity about COVID-19 management. They issue statements that make no sense.” Satish Jarkiholi told party workers in the Congress office.

“Both the governments failed to listen to scientists. For their folly, the people had to suffer. The State government treated it as a law and order problem and not as a health crisis. It allowed the police and health officers to forcefully take all positive persons to the district hospital. This led to unnecessary rush in district hospitals. It also pushed out all those not suffering from COVID-19 from district hospitals. This also created a stigma among the people about the disease,” he said.

He alleged that patients in taluks and small villages have been left to die as they had no medical advice.

“The government also failed to control and monitor private hospitals and doctors who have refused to treat those suffering from COVID-19 and other ailments,” he said.

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