Cabinet approves Mission Karmayogi for capacity building of civil servants

New Delhi

The Cabinet has approved Mission Karmayogi, a National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building so that civil servants remain entrenched in Indian culture while they learn from the best practices across the world, said the government of India on Wednesday.

Mission Karmayogi aims to prepare Indian civil servants for the future by making them more creative, constructive, imaginative, innovative, proactive, professional, progressive, energetic, enabling, transparent and technology-enabled, the government of India stated.

While giving a brief presentation on Mission Karmayogi, C Chandramouli, secretary, Department of Personnel and Training said, “A Capacity Building Commission will be set up which will harmonise training standards, create shared faculty and resources and will have a supervisory role over all training institutions so that there’s common understanding of India’s aspirations and development goals.”

“Mission Karmayogi focuses on individual (civil servants) and institutional capacity building. At the top, there will be a PM’s HR council which will consist of national and international experts under the chairmanship of the PM,” he added.

Chandramouli said that it is imagined that the civil servant of today, in order to meet the challenges of the world and society will have to be imaginative and innovative, proactive and polite, professional and progressive, energetic and enabling, transparent and tech-enabled, constructive and creative.

“When we look at the present situation, there is a diverse and fragmented landscape. This has led to an evaluation of departmental level thinking. Also there are inconsistencies in the training priorities, competency and pedagogy used by training institutions in various departments and ministries,” said Chandramouli.

“There is redundancy and duplicacy of efforts. Mission Karmayogi looks at a new national architecture for civil services capacity building. It’s a comprehensive reform of capacity building. It focuses not only on the individual capacity building but on the institutional capacity building and also on the process,” he added.

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said Mission Karmayogi is an endeavour to reincarnate a government servant into an ideal Karmayogi to serve the nation by enabling him to be creative, constructive, pro-active and technically empowered.

“Earlier it was rule specific. Now it will be role specific. Earlier either there was no institutional capacity building but now you have it. Earlier it was not a continuous process; now it is the democratisation of updating and training across the services,” he added.

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