C-sections on the rise as parents demand deliveries on specific dates

Parents wanting their babies to be born on a particular date or time, has now become an obsession as they insist on having their babies on a specific date. This is also the reason why some of the parents are choosing cesarean section over natural birth to ensure the birth of the child coincides with the date pre-decided by parents.

Some parents want their babies to taken birth on specific time because they think it is auspicious, while some are trying to get their babies to come into the world on New Year’s eve.

According to sources at least a couple of expectant parents have booked the operation theatres in private hospitals on January 1.
Dr Hampanagouda N Patil, Gynecologist at a private hospital said that “it is not just only on the new year, the parents want their babies to be delivered on specific dates and festivals like Christmas as well”.

Many people take such decisions after taking opinions from astrologers and demand the babies to be delivered on an auspicious day.

“However, the babies will be delivered, on-demand, only after the completion of 38 weeks of pregnancy,” he added.

“Such deliveries can be carried out only through Caesarean section or C-section surgical procedure. If the pregnancy is over 40 weeks, the baby will be developed completely and is safe for delivery through C-section. This will not bring any harm to the mother after the delivery,” he added.

“In few cases, the expectant parents exceed the given date for delivery, they will wait for another one week or more to get their baby delivered on the particular date of propitious day,” detailed Gynecologist Dr Patil.
Dr M H Jamadar, general medical practitioner and resident of Bableshwar, who became grandfather after his daughter gave birth to a baby girl on Christmas, said that “Though doctors had given a delivery date in the second week of January, we wanted our daughter to deliver her baby on Christmas.”

So, as per the wish of the family members and daughter, they asked the doctor to carry out C-section on December 25. They were blessed with a baby girl with the consecration of Jesus. Initially, they had planned for the new year but as we believe in Jesus, we wanted to welcome the new child to our home on Christmas itself,” Dr Jamadar said with delight.

Dr Deepak Chauhan, another doctor of private Hospital, also said that it has become a common phenomenon these days for expectant parents to want their babies to be delivered on New Year, Christmas and other festivals. These fancy practices are high in metro cities compared to Tier-II and Tier-III cities. It is highly risky to carry out the first delivery, on the demanded time or day of the parents, but second delivery can be done risk-free by C-section. “But. none of the patients in our hospital has booked OTs”, said Dr Chauhan.

Meanwhile, the doctors in government and aided hospitals asserted that they don’t have the facility to book the OTs on New Year for the delivery of babies. However, the babies will be delivered on January 1 just like every other year. According to data from the district civil hospital, last year, around 50 babies were born on New Year in the district.

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