BY Vijayendra emerged as BJP’s ‘Super Hero’


The BJP has planted its victory flag for the first time in Mandya soil and the credit for this historic victory is being attributed to one name- BY Vijayendra.

Son of Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, Vijayendra is the BJP Yuva Morcha General Secretary, who chalked out strategies to ensure victory in KR Pete of Mandya district, which remained to be a JDS fort all this while.

It is due to the planning and strategy of Vijayendra and the charisma of rebel leader and BJP candidate Narayana Gowda that turned out to be an unbeatable combination in KR Pete- the onslaught of which neither Congress nor the JDS could withstand.

Recognising this historic victory, none other than National BJP President Amit Shah himself reportedly called up Vijayendra on Tuesday evening to congratulate him. It is said that Vijayendra will meet Shah on Wednesday evening in New Delhi. If this meeting brings greater responsibilities for Vijayendra within the party, only time will tell.

What was the strategy?
If one understands the strategy that Vijayendra applied to KR Pete, then it is evident that he opted to break out of the routine. Each and every party focused on communities that play a decisive role. Mandya is a Vokkaliga-dominated constituency and here in KR Pete, Vijayendra proved that ‘small is big’!

Vijayendra listed out all the small and scattered communities across the constituency and vested the responsibility of mobilising them to backward community leader Raghu Kautilya. Vijayendra made sure that smaller and neglected communities like the Madiwala, Vishwakarma, Ganiga, Kumbara, Nayanakshathriya, Nekara, Uppara, Ediga among others were taken into confidence.

The efforts paid off and these smaller communities came together and formed a huge voter base. Political pundits say that with this strategy, the BJP could easily manage to register a victory, shedding its ‘pro-Lingayat’ identity too.

“Most of the parties focused on Vokkaliga community here. These smaller communities were never taken into consideration. For the first time ever, there was a party, which said we will focus on the neglected communities and the result is for us to see,” said a local voter adding that meetings of these communities were held separately by the BJP leaders. During these meetings the community members were asked about their demands and were told about the steps already taken to help them.

“The smaller communities were convinced,” he said.¬†All in all new and innovative strategies changed the perspective of voters in KR Pete and out of box thinking has helped Vijayanedra emerge as a new leader of the BJP.

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