BWSSB to increase fine on buildings without rain water harvesters

City homes and commercial establishments that have failed to install rain water harvesting mechanism will have to pay an increased fine amount, the BWSSB decided at a board meeting held here on Wednesday.

BWSSB chairman Tushar Girinath said that the board has decided to increase the penalty by 50% in case of domestic consumers and 100% in case of commercial establishments. The decision will be notified and then implemented with immediate effect in the coming days.

BWSSB engineer-in-chief Kemparamaiah said the hike was to encourage people to install RWH systems at the earliest and conserve water. Specifications and details regarding the systems are available on the BWSSB website. Kemparamaiah said that of the 1.95 lakh consumers required to adopt RWH, only 1.20 lakh consumers have implemented it. Around 75,000 consumers are yet to comply with government directive.

The BWSSB currently collects around 12 crore rupees as fines from non-compliant consumers. Densely populated areas of the city such as Majestic have the highest number of such violators as there is no space to set up these units.

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