BWSSB pleas citizens to save water

Bengaluru: Considering the looming water shortage, BWSSB has kick-started ‘Save Water’ campaign through radio and TV channels, appealing to residents to use water judiciously. BWSSB has also constituted vigilance squads to check water theft and has requested the public to bring illegal connections to its notice.

Experts, however, feel that unless saving water is institutionalised, it is a Herculean task to make residents conserve water.

They say that this change can be brought in only by raising the water tariff, which will encourage residents to look for alternatives like rainwater harvesting and recycling of waste water. A BWSSB official said, “We have started the save water campaign.

We will extend the campaign to other modes as well. Our messages touch upon rainwater harvesting to using water wisely for washing dishes, vehicles etc. For instance, we are asking residents to wash vegetables in a bowl of water and then reuse the water for plants.

While buying a new washing machine, choose one that is water-efficient. You could save a substantial amount of water and money. And most importantly, collect rainwater in large tubs or cans for gardening, washing purposes.”

Vishwanath S, a water conservation expert and architect and director at Biome Environmental Solutions, said, “Reviving borewells is not a smart idea. This should have been done when there was enough rain. We have to let citizens conserve water by collecting rainwater and recycling of waste water.

To encourage this, the state should raise the price of water. If they continue to charge `7 for 1,000 litres, people will never take up conservation seriously. If water is priced properly, the demand will come down by 50 per cent and our studies have shown the same.

The state too will be able to use the money to recharge groundwater and fix leaks.” Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh too said that if water was priced properly then people would use it judiciously. He said that the water saving should start at the micro level and behavioural modifications are necessary.

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