Buildings that don’t collect rain water will be fined

Rain water harvesting has been counted in 1.26 lakh buildings in the city so far. Bangalore Water Board President Tushar Girinath expressed doubts about the system in such buildings and decided to conduct inspections from a separate institution.
On the implementation of rain water harvesting system in the city, he said, “As of June 2019, 1,26,331 buildings are being harvested. The harvesting system was adopted five years ago in most buildings. But due to suspicions of management, a third party inspection has been concluded. Cauvery water usage should be reduced if rain water harvesting system is adopted. All these figures, such as the amount of rain water being collected, will be revealed. 65,464 buildings in the city are not harvested. Notices have been issued for these buildings. Buildings that do not collect rain water will also be fined, ”he warned.

“The water bodies have accurate information about rainwater harvesting. But it is not known how they are managed. People need to know whether they are just harvesting or really doing well for law enforcement. It was first thought to do division checks. It is now decided that a third party should be inspected at once, ” the informant said.

“It has been suggested to inspect the NGO or the plumber. But no institution has been finalized. A proper inspection agency will be finalized soon, ”he said.

842.20 million liters per month:

“The Water Board estimates that 842.20 million liters of rain water per month could be collected from rainwater harvested so far. However, rainwater harvesting is possible only if the harvesting system is adequately used. The 60/40 sq. Ft. And above building that was built before 2009 and the 30/40 sq. Ft. Building that was built thereafter receives about 80 thousand liters of rain water per year. In this estimate, 842.20 million liters of water is harvested each month from harvest. But since it does not rain all month, it can only be applied to the month of heavy rain, ”he said.

Conclusion for doubling fines

” In the harvesting system, many people only build ingots. A decision has been taken to create a sump and mandatory water collection for rainwater harvesting and to double the penalty for those who have not yet harvested. These rules will be implemented soon, ” Tushar Girinath informed.

A world-class concert arena is heading to the airport premises the world-class ‘Concert Arena’ will be headquartered at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) premises to host country and overseas rock music and other events.

For travelers coming in and out of the country, there is already an attractive ‘The Quad’ to hang out with for the event, including meals, drinks, snacks, drama and other events. Launched in the manner of overseas airports, the site is highly appreciated by travelers. Thus, a concert arena will be built for music and other events in the future.

Bangalore, a cosmopolitan city, has a host of celebrities and musicians from all over the world. But, it lacks the necessary platform. In addition, there is a lack of space to handle everything including fire safety, crowd safety, and parking. For the same reason, the Bollywood actor, actress, singer and international rock music troupe has been canceled many times in Bangalore. The police departments, including the fire department, take time to approve such programs for traffic congestion and security reasons. Count the meme to give permission. With all this in mind, the KIA’s governing body has devised a concert arena.

” A bid has been invited by interested parties to build a concert arena. What the arena will look like after the applications are finalized. The project is still in the preliminary stage, ”a KIA official said.

Non-revenue earnings are essential to sustain the airport’s sustainable development and economy in the long run. Airport management and aviation depend on the growth of the city and state. The income of many airports around the world, which attract foreign tourists, is also sourced from other airline sources.

A few months ago, KIA CEO Hari Marar said that KIA had a vision to raise revenue through commercial activities such as outlet and hotel.

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