Building collapse: Through the eyes of victims

‘I woke up in the middle of the night. The whole building was shaking, except for the eyes. There was a thumping noise. Feeling like an earthquake, I ran towards the balcony in the room in fear. From the outside, a lot of dust was coming from the adjacent building. Then only the screams of the people were heard. The rest of my life feels great … ”

There are alarming references to Kushal, a tenant living on the 2nd floor of the Sai Adi Ambal building next to the collapsed construction building. Kushal, who is a private company employee, has been renting here for 10 months.

” It could be 1.58 tonight. The bed shook. Getting out of the balcony was a disaster. The door was jammed and could not be opened. Still, I used the right door and somehow got out the door. Then it was impossible to get to the lower part. Thus, come down to the 1st floor and walk through the window without the grill and onto the adjoining wooden building, and then down the compound to get down. At the bottom was a scream. Everyone is in a hurry to save their own lives. The top floor also came down and got down as one, ”Kushal explained.

” I slept late at night. There was tremendous vibration. They carried the son on his shoulders unawares and proceeded to get down with his wife and the guest of the house. There was no way to get out. It was a momentary grab, ”said Manjit Singh.

” I’ve been renting this house for 3 years. Didn’t know how to get down from the first floor. We came out with the help of the locals, on foot. We were standing in the street all night. Friends and relatives come and reassure. The consolation that life does not exist, ” Manjeet said.

The pregnant woman, who was in the apartment of the Sai Adi Ambal Apartment, slid through the window, came out of the window and slipped down on the wooden blocks that were being built.

” I was at home with my niece and son. She’s pregnant. The building collapsed and the doors were blocked. However, the tiles that were inside, using wooden sticks, hit them hard and broke the door. Then we got to the first floor and got out of there onto the woods and the broken compound. The locals helped get down. There was no patience to wait until the firefighters arrived. There were fears that there would be cracks in the building, ”said Vriddha Gayatri.

“We have been renting in the building for several months. We have recently purchased a loan. The collapse of the building, however, is a distraction. But, life was there, ” Gayatri said.

Vehicles damaged
Sai Adi was discontinued and the ground floor of the apartment ambal 2 cars, 3 bikes appacciyagive.

Firefighters rushed to get inside and remove the corpses. There was no room to go inside the basement of the building. Thus, he drilled a wall on one side and went through it. However, from there, there was no room for the workers to go down and another hole was drilled down. Four of the injured were rescued. The bodies of the remaining two were taken to hospital. The wall was resting on the other half of the corpse, so it was taken until evening to clear it.

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