Bridge gap between rural and urban education: Kakodkar


Jalna:  The aim of higher education should be to use local resources and provide students an easy access to knowledge and content, noted nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar has said.

He suggested reducing reliance on foreign education and products and using indigenous resources more.

Kakodkar called for bridging the gap between rural and urban education so that students can apply their academic skills in their surroundings.

The former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission said universities should focus on skill-based education and give the task of conducting exams to a private agency.

“Our syllabus should be based on needs of the society and compatible technology,” he said at a symposium on higher education here yesterday.

“The aim of higher education should be to use indigenous resources and provide easy access of knowledge and content in the student’s mother tongue,” he said.

“We rely on other countries for education and products and think what is imported is the best. This mindset should change,” he said.

The country cannot develop unless its own resources are used extensively.

He said literacy is not just a tool for reading and writing. A literate person should know how to handle devices and must possess digital knowledge.

Referring to a report, the noted scientist said only a minuscule number of students opt for higher education.

It was not just the government’s responsibility to remove the lacunae in higher education. All stakeholders have to pitch in to bring about a change, he said.

The symposium was inaugurated by Maharashtra Minister of State for Dairy Development Arjun Khotkar. (PTI)

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