Bridge construction in Koramangala delayed.

Two months after the bridge at Maharaja Junction in Koramangala was demolished , the construction work is yet to pick up pace. The bridge linked the area to other parts of the city.

Residents were told a new bridge would be built in 45 days however the work on the new structure is nowhere near completion.

The bridge was the only link to the other parts of the city as three other routes are quite narrow with barely motorable roads.

“Entering or exiting ST Bed Layout in Koramangala is a nightmare, especially during the peak hours. More so with the Ejipura-Kendriya Sadan Flyover work in the adjoining IRR (Intermediate Ring Road) going on simultaneously,” said Muralidhar Rao, vice president, Bangalore Apartments’ Federation.

Besides, the civic bodies simultaneously decided to take up flood mitigation work at the Nilgiri’s Junction involving large-scale trenching and providing a cattle-trap cover. The residents are distressed about the expected traffic congestion and pedestrian movement as a result.

BWSSB has unloaded six-foot diameter pipes in the vicinity of the bridge construction, to be buried below the base of the stormwater drain as part of the sewage link between a pumping station in the National Games Village area and the newly commissioned STP at Nagasandra (on the edge of Bellandur Lake).

“We heard that the excavation for laying the pipes is going to go as deep as the base of the bridge’s support wall foundation footings, endangering their stability. It is also going to endanger the foundations of several tall buildings that have come up along the drain on both sides,” Rao said.

Corporator of the area M Chandrappa said the bridge work is in its final stages. “It will be over in another month,” he said, assuring that the pipeline work is yet to be done and no harm would befall any structure.

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