Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk break up after 4 years of dating

After dating each other for four years, Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper and his love interest Irina Shayk have decided to call it quits. According to a report in People magazine, the duo has decided to move on in their lives. Apparently, Bradley and Irina will amicably share the custody of their two-year-old girl, Lea De Seine. “Bradley Cooper, 44, and Irina Shayk, 33, have officially decided to end their relationship and are amicably working out how to share custody of their daughter Lea De Seine, who they welcomed in March 2017,” a source informed the magazine. The couple wanted to be together for their daughter but they aren’t happy with each other.

“They have a lot invested and it’s very difficult to completely walk away from. They are trying out different arrangements and trying to find their way. They love their little girl dearly and that’s not going to change no matter what,” a source close to the development. Adding that the couple spent time apart to test the water and see if they are better off without each other. Not every love story has a happy ending, they say. Back in 2015, rumours of Bradley and Irina’s relationship started doing the rounds. Their joint appearance at the Broadway show and multiple public outing after that added fuel to the fire. They were head over heels in love with each other and their love blossomed even more following the birth of their little girl.

“I guess having a child, and having a family of my own—which is a miracle and something I’ve always dreamt of—has opened me up, even more, I guess, to the day, and to be present,” the actor had said in an interview to NPR. While things are not working out between the two, we are glad to know that Bradley and Irina have mutually decided to look after their daughter. And not let their break-up affect her.

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