Board says no to bore well drilling for building

The Bengaluru Water Board has decided not to allow borewell drilling for building works as the ground level in the city is underground. Alternatively, you are instructed to use STP water.

Building owners are appealing for workers who are temporarily shedding in the workplace to have water for drinking and other uses. However, borewell water has been found to be used in many places. It has been suggested that water levels should be prevented at a time when groundwater levels are a problem. Board President Tushar Girinath has advised officials not to allow borewell drilling for building work. Other arrangements have been made for workers to drink.

Of the 8,550 borewells of the Strait, 618 have been watered. There are over 2.99 lakh private borewells in the city, which have little water. This has resulted in increased reliance on Kaveri, which has the capacity to supply pumps with full capacity water (1,453 million liters). Groundwater levels have fallen to 800-1,000 thousand feet in Bannerghatta, Sarjapur, Attibele, Jigani, Yelahanka and Talaghatpura. In such a situation, action is being taken to prevent groundwater misuse. The purpose of this decision is to use the water of the sewage treatment plants of the Strait.

1,067 million liters

About 1,067 million liters of sewage is being processed in 25 STPs of the Strait. 250 million liters of water is being sent to Kolar. In some cases, factories are buying STP water. About 85 per cent of the treated water is dumped into the pools and dumps. The builders were requested to use this water. As this request is not recognized, it is being processed to make use of processed water.

350 per 6,000 liters

Thefactory and builders had to use their own tanker to use treated water. In the case of offices, water was supplied by pipelines. Now it is decided to change the rule and provide water from the tank to the 4 tanker. Of the Kaveri’s 68 tankers, four will be replaced by tankers, which will change color and name. Tanker numbers will also be increased if needed.

540 for 6 thousand liters of Cauvery water. There is a rate. 350 for the same amount of treated water. The rate is fixed.

Ready for use

”The responsibility of conserving groundwater lies with everyone. The builders have no problem using STP water. When building an apartment, residents have to drill borewell for drinking water. “It is important that the rule is implemented in this case,” Credo Bangalore chief Suresh Hari said.

It has been instructed not to allow borewell drilling for building. A tanker is being provided to provide STP water from the water board – Tushar Girinath, President

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