Black flag falls on the BBMP too

The black flag has fallen on the BBMP alliance after the JDS-Congress alliance government collapsed in the state. There is also the possibility that the 4-year-old alliance regime will end in the BJP and the BJP will be at the helm of power.

ST Somashekhar, Bhairati Basavaraj, Munirath, R. Roshan Beg and K. Gopaliah of the JDS have been among the dissatisfied group of Congress MLAs who have resigned from their posts. This has resulted in the ruling coalition falling to a minority vote. Moreover, the actions of these lawmakers’ backing corporators are a mystery. If the dissatisfied supporters of the corporation support the BJP, the LMP will regain control of the BBMP.

The mayor’s term of office ends on September 28. With a strength of 101 members, the BJP, which has been deprived of power for the last four years, is keen to hold the helm of the administration. It remains to be seen whether corporates in the Yashwantpur, KR Pura, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Shivajinagar and Mahalakshmi layout sectors will be identified with dissatisfied MLAs or remain in the party.

If support corporations ally themselves with dissatisfied MLAs, the BJP will effortlessly rise to the brunt of the BBMP rule. Ramalingareddy, ST Somashekhar and Bhairati Basavaraju were key figures in the Congress-JDS alliance in power. Each time the mayor’s choice is exhausted, he is backed by non-party supporters who are working to make the city’s first citizen.

Both the mayor and deputy mayor are reserved for the general category by 2019-20. M Sivaraju, a member of the Shankara Math ward, RS Satyanarayana of the Dattatreya temple ward and MK Gunashekhar of the Jayamahal ward were strong aspirants. Nathra Narayan of the Kaval Bhairasandra Ward and Imran Pasha of the Padarayanapura Ward were elected as deputy mayor. But with the fall of the alliance government in the state, the mayor and deputy mayor aspirants have come true.

A total of 262 voters have voted in the BBMP mayor and deputy mayoral election, including members of the ruling party, MLAs, MPs, Rajya Sabha members and Vidhan Sabha members. In the meantime, there have been complaints that the names of the JDS’s Tippeeswamy, Congress Prakash Rathod and Mohan Kondajji, who are members of the Vidhan Sabha, are being added to the electorate just a few months ago. If these three are combined, the voter turnout will be 265. The 133-member right holders will rise to the seat of power.

The BJP has a strength of 126 members. Non-party member Ramesh, Manjula V. Narayanaswamy of JDS and K. Devadas have identified with BJP, thus increasing the number of votes to 129. The number of voters in the Congress-JDS alliance is 134. If the names of the three methodology councils are added to the electorate, the number will be 137. There is a deficit of 4 votes as per this calculation. If the dissatisfied 5 MLAs and their supporters join the BJP, the coalition’s coalition’s numerical strength will fall to a narrow margin. The BJP, which has the highest number of members, will rise to power.

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