BJES express deep sorrow on illegal arrest of Fr. Stan Swamy SJ

The Bangalore Jesuit Educational Institutions (BJES) Bangalore, India, expresses deep anguish and sorrow on the illegal arrest of Fr. Stan Swamy SJ from his residence in Jharkhand by the National Investigation Agency falsely accusing him in relation to Bhim- Koregan Incident.

Fr. Stan Swamy is 83 years old and a Jesuit Priest, he has spent almost 3 decades of his life identifying himself with the Adivasi people and their struggle, especially focusing on their land rights. He stood and supported the life, dignity and the self-respect of the adivasi community.  Fr. Stan has defended the injustice done to the traditional forest-dwellers and the adivasi so that they can have their land, and develop themselves economically.

The NIA has falsely accused and implicated Fr. Stan to stall the judicial process to give justice to the innocent Adivasi people in the region.  It is important to note that Fr. Stan has always cooperated with the investigating agencies and has always provided detailed statements, claiming to be innocent in this case. Fr Stan has expressed his dissent with several policies and law enacted by the Government in the light of the Constitution of India.

It is beyond comprehension that the NIA has arrested Fr. Stan 83 who has other ailments during this pandemic which could pose a great risk to the health and well-being of this Human Right Defender and Champion of the People.

We recognized with gratitude the many people of the country from all walks of life who have joined us in expressing their solidarity with Fr. Stan. We demand the Fr. Stan will be released immediately.

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