Biggest Liquor Store in Asia Opens in Bangalore

MG Road, already known for its many pubs and bars, will now take another top spot in Asia
The largest liquor store in Asia will be operating near Chinnaswamy Stadium.
Renowned liquor sales company Tonic is set to open a liquor store on a two-storey two-storey staircase of 30,000 square feet. There will be over 1 thousand brands of wine, 50 varieties of beer and single malts. Bangalore’s store will become the third tonic store in the country and recently opened in Hyderabad.

The store will offer customers a unique experience. For the last 2 years, the store has been in the works. Here are over a thousand brands of liquor. The store also changes people’s perception of the liquor store. The shop owner Anit Reddy shared the view that it would take at least 45 minutes for a customer to see the store in its entirety.

A survey of students, engineers and doctors was conducted on the need for alcohol. The majority of people surveyed were in Dubai and other countries. Generally a maximum of 50 brands of wine are available in Bangalore. Tonic has over 700 worldwide wines. 60 per cent passes through the store every day, said Anit Reddy.

Often women go to a retail shop and buy alcohol, which can be embarrassing. But tonic doesn’t have this kind of atmosphere. There are about 30 trained and knowledgeable staff on one floor. The women’s staff will also be working. Last year, Hyderabad’s tonic was worth Rs 100 crore. GLN Das of the firm said it had sold liquor.

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